Our Core Values. Our Aims.


  • Flowers and veg shows.
  • An Arts and Crafts Fest where you can show and share and learn new skills.
  • Science days for all the family.
  • Music on our stage and the events.

There is a picnic area and bread/pizza oven near the stage which makes our events fun and exciting.  We also have workshops for things like painting and doll making.  Local people meet at the gardens to be creative and share food, fun and laughter.


Grow your own veg! And Flowers!

Growing veg and flowers is amazing.  It will make you happier and improve your physical and mental health.  Learn gardening skills with us and make new friends while you are learning.

  • We also help local people with their own gardens
  • We have a few growing spaces if you want your own plot. Come and see if we have any spare now.

Last year we planted an orchard of heritage apples and pears and between the trees is a meadow of beautiful wild flowers.


We research and experiment, trial and learn how to grow better, healthier plants.  For us science is an everyday thing but each year we celebrate Science Day supported by the British Science Association.

We are also particularly interested in the wild plants and animals that live on our site and record and study them so that we can help to grow a greener world.


We compost all our healthy plant material pruned and left over from growing flowers and veg.  Our weeds are composted.  All of this plus pigeon manure from local fanciers and chicken manure from our own lovely birds goes to create a wonderful growing medium for our next generation of flowers and veg.

We have a wild garden with a pond and a wood. Actually our whole site including space outside the fence is classed as a nature reserve and we are working to improve the area to encourage butterflies, bees, birds and wild animals to thrive in it.

Here at the gardens we are trying to create habitats which increase the biodiversity  and also are attractive to volunteers and visitors. A rich natural environment  is also great for our own mental health!


We have a children’s garden with a Play House. A swing, tyres for planting in, raised beds  for growing and a space for children to build their own dens.  There are willow trees made into ‘caves’ for storytelling and other activities.

Two local schools already have plots which they have designed and look after. These children are encouraged to come up during the holidays to play safely on our site.


Projects are the life blood of Jasmine Road Gardens.  They give individuals a purpose in coming up to be with us and give people a reason to work together.  Projects include building our house and wired in runs for our chickens and ducks.  We have an outdoor woodland workshop with a lathe (which includes a ‘tree loo’!) A group has been working on collecting the water which falls as rain so that it can be used to water our plants (saving our water bills!)  Projects for the future include bee-keeping, a craft shed with pottery kiln and materials and equipment for creative classes.

Current projects – gates and green roof


We are mainly people local to Kates Hill and we welcome adults with disabilities.  We also have volunteers from further afield.  Two local schools (Beechwood Primary and Kates Hill Primary) have growing spaces.  If you want to help us with growing veg and flowers and other useful and/or interesting plants (or help look after our chickens and ducks!) please introduce yourself.  If you want to help make things in our workshops or have an idea of a project of your own, we are open to suggestions.  Or just come and buy plants and seasonal vegetables.  We may be able to help if you have a problem with your garden.

We’ve already achieved a lot but our picture of how we might develop in the future includes solar panels, bees, a green roofed entrance, a craft workshop, may be goats (?), and a science workshop for experiments and demonstrations.


A map of the site